Indie Morgana Pendragon from BBC's Merlin. Crossover/AU friendly. Multiverse/Multiship.

Written by: Hannah.


S: 0 | R: 2 | M: 1

Nobility is defined by what you do, and not by who you are.”

I might be going down in flames, but you’ll burn with me.
—(via slutfairy)

guinevere fest » day six: once & future


                            I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems
                                        Got to open my eyes to everything

now let me enjoy the two seconds where i have precisely zero drafts



         ❛ … I thought we were friends


Something stirred inside her, a flicker of the past. This was
the woman who stood by her side all those years as Uther’s ward.
This was the woman who was not only her maid, but her dearest
and closest friend. Morgana knew she could trust her, rely on her
for anything. But that was long gone now. Gwen, like everyone
else she once loved, had betrayed her. There was no going back.

"As did I, Gwen." Sadness gave a distinct edge to her voice,
but she would not be unbroken. “But you took what was
meant to be mine, and for that I can never forgive you.”



Arthur was alittle suspicious as to why she would be out this late ,
until he heard her excuse. It was completely normal for her to need
a sleeping draft and Gaius was bound to forget to bring it atleast
once. That was if he hadn’t set Merlin to deliver it. Then it was bound
to happen alot. Merlin seemed to forget things with Arthur quite often
so he wouldn’t put it past him to do it with others. 

" I was out talking with Merlin. " Arthur explained as he moved his arms
to cross over his chest. This however was a lie. He had gone to see
Gwen. ” I had to give him his chores for tomorrow. 

Arthur pursed his lips but looked around before letting his eyes 
settle back on Morgana. ” Perhaps I should walk you to Gaius . 
just to be safe. “

A wave of panic coursed through her, though she
didn’t expect anything less. Morgana had a feeling that
no matter what excuse she came up with he would still
insist on helping her. It would still lead her into trouble.
She didn’t have time to make more excuses, so she did
what she thought was best
—she made a diversion.

"No, that won’t be necessary," she said hurriedly, offering
an innocent smile then tilted her head curiously. “You seem
to have taken quite a liking to your servant. I didn’t realize
you were so willing to talk to him outside of his duties.”


( coldastone )


M O R G A N A ,
once as close as kin,
now nothing more
than a s h a d o w 
of the kind, caring
woman she was before. 
l o n g e d for simpler times,
when they both saw the good in one another,
before e v i l poisoned her mind.
Alas, this might have looked like the girl
he held dear to his heart before
but she was l o n g gone
and this one was ready to k i l l .

"Come now, Arthur. Why the long face?
Expecting a nice little family reunion were you?”

The edges of her lips curled upward into a smile and she rose
from her throne, the throne of Camelot. She made her way over
to him, the man she grew up with, the man she loved once as
family. Looking at him now all she could feel was heartbreak,
which in turn led to hatred. Arthur had b e t r a y e d her.

"Now, tell me, dear bother. What is it you want this time?
A more comfortable cell in the dungeons perhaps?”


     The danger of using his magic had never stopped Merlin before, and it surely wouldn’t stop him now. It seems as if the first day he’d arrived in Camelot he’d used his magic, under the noses of those who strove to end it. It was powerful, more powerful than Morgause’s magic, and Merlin had no doubt he could beat her. Morgana’s magic, though, was uncontrolled, completely unreliable. He’d hurt himself and her trying to protect them both.

     ”Yes, but how?” Merlin worried. Already, his mind worked to conjure up a solution, a plan to end their troubles. He could do it. alone, but when he factored Morgana into it, it fell apart. Too worried would he be about her. Too focused on her, he’d either let himself become vulnerable or fail to retrieve the cup. It was too risky, and yet, she would never let him go alone. 

     ”Morgana, I have come up with every way possible to make this work, but it can’t work. Morgana, I can’t do this with you. I can’t fight off those guards, get the Cup, and keep you safe all at the same time. I can’t have you their, so close to danger. It would ruine me,” Merlin confessed, closing his eyes. Leaning forward, he hung his head, his words a weight on his shoulders. 

     She could sense his defeat, plain and simple for her to see even before he confessed his doubts. It only made sense. He wanted what was best for her, to keep her safe, to keep her out of danger. Merlin was a loyal, caring friend until the end, but she couldn’t see how it would be any better if he went alone. It would seem he was just as stubborn as she was.

     ”Then what do you propose we do?” There was a sharp edge to her voice, ultimately masked by her growing concern for the problem at hand. She was in disbelief above everything else. “Stand here and await Camelot’s downfall?”

     Morgana sighed impatiently. It wasn’t like Merlin to shy away, even if it was for her sake. “I can take care of myself, Merlin. You don’t have to worry about me,” she assured him, her tone more gentle. She took a step closer to him and tried to make eye contact. “Neither of us have to do this alone.”